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Default STB Velocity 4400 (NVTNT) w/TV-out

I have found many drivers for my older-than-god video card. The only drivers I have found that enable me to use the TV-out option are for Windows 9x systems. Although I am also seeking a Windows XP driver, I'd like to note that the Windows 9x drivers I have found present problems with either Direct 3D or OpenGL, I'm not sure which one.

Basically, if I install drivers that allow me to use TV-out, the Milkdrop visualization for winamp turns to crap.

HOWEVER, I can download any number of NVidia's Detonator drivers, Forceware drivers, etc., and they all make the card run great when it comes to processing things like Milkdrop. The only problem is that the TV-out will not work properly under ANY of the NVidia drivers.

Please, PLEASE, I'm desperate for a driver that allows both TV-out to work properly and doesn't screw up the cards ability to handle graphics.
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