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Default Re: 6800GT stuttering

I only ment to say that OCing is a risk, of instability, issues and at the extreme death of hardware.
Most of those who do it are aware of that, as Im sure you are aswell.

I never ment that it is bad, but there are no guarantees in doing it.
Some hardware clocks very well, some dont.
I was only a bit taken back by the fact that you seemed so discontent with a OC from 350 to 410, and were expecting a flawless 440.

Its strange tho if it worked at 440 on another motherboard, which I guess is similar to Eliminators issues.
It sounds like a difference in either the AGP, AGP power or something in that field is the reason.
I must have missread your post, cause I thought it just started having issues at 440 for no apparant reason, so my bad for skimming hehe.

Isnt there some feature for NV cards in the Nforce3 chipset that allows them to run faster?
OCs them a little or something.. or was that just with the NV3x line?
might be related, I think there is a "hacked" MSI bios that exposes those settings, or maybe it was in the "hidden" settings that can be unlocked in BIOS with a certain key combination, might find more on that over at the MSI section of forums.
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