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Default Re: 6800GT stuttering

Originally Posted by jolle
before I switched from NV SW IDE drivers, to the MS standard ones, I couldnt complete 3dMark05.
Screen just went totally black after the first test.

I think it was due to the IDE driver switch, but I was doing alot of meddling at the time, so it can have been the move to Reforce aswell, or something else.
If your not already on the MS drivers, try that and se if it works.

Did you ever try the "blit" settings in RivaTuner? you never answered that I think.
And FC is patched to 1.3 right?
i wouldnt think its the IDE driver.... i might try that later as a last resort..... yes i have tried the blit settings in riva tuner and they did nothing... and yes farcry is patched to 1.3... cs source is updated and it stutters there too.... ut2k4 so far ive only noticed mini stutters...not nearly as bad as farcry and cs
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