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Default Re: Official AquaMark 3 thread

Seeing some of these scores makes me wonder... I just got the following score on my new BFG 6800GT OC

GFX 8454
CPU 8587
Total 56,655

This is on:
P4c800 Deluxe
P4 3.06 (533FSB) @ 3.4 (Hyperthreading + PAT enabled) (Northwood)
2GB Corsair XMS 3200 (512MBx4)
1 x 74GB Raptor
1 x 200 Seagate SATA (7200 RPM)
BFG 6800GT OC (411/1120)
Audgy 2

Why are my scores so much lower on what is considered a decent machine?
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