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Cool Re: why does linux work this way ?!!

Originally Posted by newlinuxguy
why sound card, usb, network drivers are all put into kernel. uncompressed size of kernel source has grown to 200 MB !!! it will be a nightmware to maintian.

why not have a standard interface for each of these functionality and keep the drivers out of kernel windows ?
there is as is because: first, most of the companys doesnt have any kind of official support for its hardware for linux. Second, it is easier (i mean for me) selecting the module I want or the one I need, if it is a MODULE it means it is outside of the kernel, it doesnt metter if it is distributed at the same gzipped tarball.

and even you can install your driver (module) if you need at the same way you install the nvidia drivers.

btw, Windows has grown and with no drivers its size is like 1gb for xp thats a lot of difference from the 200mb you can have of a working linux system or 2 gb but with a lot of apps preinstalled
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