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Default Re: Half-LifeČ Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Sazar
finished it second time round... gonna go back and play half life: source and see what thats all bout...

been fun so far... can't complain...

no real easter eggs per se... game was still fun though I would like for a max payne 2-ish release of extra levels for free for players

been doin mad stunts with the buggy and the air boat

extra fun.. both of em

some day perhaps valve will fix the clipping and weird shadow issues... but other than that a fun game...
Woot good fun,

Ive found my self to replay the last leve (with super grav gun) another time over, and the boat level was pritty fun. However other than that, the heavily scripted parts of the game is to boreing for me now, pritty much like the beginning, ravenholem, follow freeman, sandtraps etc.
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