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Unhappy Re: GeForce FX 5200 & DVI output to HDTV

Well, I am familiar with configuring X11 (even wrote an X11 graphics driver for some ancient card under NetBSD many years ago), but I'm also stuck with finding any solution to the "HDTV not recognized as DFP"-problem - see thread "LCD TV not recognized as DFP / no DVI / MSI GeForce FX5200" here:

If you carefully read the various README files that come with both the closed-source and the open-source drivers you'll notice that they make some vague statement about "DFP-driving possible only if DFP was detected at boot time" - though they don't make any statement on why that boot-time detection is vital for the further usage of the DVI outlet. And that seems to be the problem to me, for some reason the 5200 simply does not think my LCD HDTV is a DFP at boot time, and any further effort switching later is futile.

What supports this hypothesis is that if I connect an ordinary computer-LCD-monitor to the DVI outlet, the 5200 happily uses the digital output to display from the boot messages onwards, and if I detach the computer monitor while running and attach the HDTV, the 5200 _is_ able to drive the HDTV via DVI.

BTW: The release notes of the Windows 67.02 beta drivers mention among others the folloging new features:

- Added support for using HDTV over DVI connectors
- DVI hotplug

Sounds a little like those features could be important for our problem, too... does anyone know how long it usually takes until nvidia ports windows drivers to Linux?
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