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Default Re: 1.0-6629 x86/x86-64 and Linux 2.6.10

For me, who have a TNT2 M64, it doesn't fix the black screen with 2.6.10.

I'd like to add how to procede with 6111 since I haven't seen it yet over there.

In nv.c:

Add: #define __VMALLOC_RESERVE (128 << 20) , under the #include's.
Reemplaze: "pci_find_class" for "pci_get_class" (w/o quotations marks)

In nv-linux.h

Reemplaze: "pci_find_class" for "pci_get_class" (w/o qm)

And that's all. I hope it will be usefull.

See you!

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