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Default Re: 5200 Go with 64 Megs Vs 5650 Go w 128 Megs

There are other factors to be taken into consideration. What is the core speed ? And the memory speed ? Does it have a 64 bit or 128 bit memory bus ?

Without knowing all these aspects (and usually notebook producers don't follow the book when it comes to integrate discrete GPUs on their custom motherboards) it's impossible to reach accurate conclusions.

Myself, I wouldn't spend 180$ on such an upgrade. Honestly, I wouldn't even consider a NV3x derivative in a notebook. Mobile chips from Ati have still an edge when it comes to power consumption and processing power. I don't know if Dell is currently offering Ati GPUs, but a mobility 9600 or 9700 are a better choice and they've already found their way even in modest priced notebooks of the mainstream segment.
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