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Default Re: 5200 Go with 64 Megs Vs 5650 Go w 128 Megs

Originally Posted by msxyz
Myself, I wouldn't spend 180$ on such an upgrade. Honestly, I wouldn't even consider a NV3x derivative in a notebook. Mobile chips from Ati have still an edge when it comes to power consumption and processing power. I don't know if Dell is currently offering Ati GPUs, but a mobility 9600 or 9700 are a better choice and they've already found their way even in modest priced notebooks of the mainstream segment.
I second that. I had a Dell Inspiron with the GeForce4 440 Go (GF2-based) but then ATI a couple weeks later started shipping the Mobility 9000 chip, which would have absolutely blown the doors off what I had.

If you can find a laptop with the 9700 (or wait for the GF 6800 Go), get that. You won't regret it.
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