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Angry Tarball unzipped. How do I install now?????????

This is a total 'newb-written-all-over-it-question' but here goes. I am happy to say that I have successfully unzipped my 1st tarball! Yay! Now....what the heck do I enter at the command prompt to get this software to install? I tried using the instrux at: all to no avail. PLEASE HELP A NEWB! (should be a national holiday)

here is the directory everything is unzipped into:

[username@localhost nvu-0.60]$ ls -aF
./** regchrome*
../** regxpcom*
bloaturls.txt** res/
components/* mangle* shlibsign*
defaults/* mozilla-xremote-client* TestGtkEmbed*
elf-dynstr-gc** nsinstall* xpcshell*
greprefs/* nvu* xpicleanup*
icons/ libsoftokn3.chk nvu-bin* xpidl*** nvu-config* xpt_dump*** plugins/ xpt_link*
[username@localhost nvu-0.60]$ WHAT DO I ENTER HERE?
What do I enter to get it installed? i believe the install file is 'nsinstall' but i don't know the commands.


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