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Default GLX module fails to load on FreeBSD 5.3-p2, Xorg6.8.1

I've been using the 1.0.6113 driver with FreeBSD 5.3-p2 & Xorg 6.7.0 without any trouble. I cvsuped my ports the other day and updated everything. Now I have Xorg 6.8.1 and the Nvidia driver 1.0.6113_2 port installed.
When I start X, the nvidia driver loads (I see the splash screen) but OpenGL apps run *very* slowly.
In the Xorg.0.log log file, it looks like glx fails to load, but 2D acceleration works:
(II) Loading extension NV-GLX
(II) NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA 3D Acceleration Architecture Initialized
(II) NVIDIA(0): Using the NVIDIA 2D acceleration architecture
(**) NVIDIA(0): DPMS enabled
(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load GLX

The card is a GeForce4 Ti 4200. The only change I made to my config files after the upgrade was changing the keyboard driver in xorg.conf from keyboard to kbd. I've attached the xorg.conf file & the Xorg log file.

sysctl -a hw.nvidia gives:
hw.nvidia.agp.card.rates: 8x 4x
hw.nvidia.agp.card.fw: supported
hw.nvidia.agp.card.sba: supported
hw.nvidia.agp.card.registers: 0x1f000e1b:0x1f000302
hw.nvidia.agp.status.status: enabled
hw.nvidia.agp.status.driver: nvidia
hw.nvidia.agp.status.rate: 8x
hw.nvidia.agp.status.fw: disabled
hw.nvidia.agp.status.sba: enabled
hw.nvidia.version: NVIDIA FreeBSD x86 NVIDIA Kernel Module 1.0-6113 Mon Aug 2 16:08:32 PDT 2004
hw.nvidia.registry.EnableVia4x: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.EnableALiAGP: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.NvAGP: 1
hw.nvidia.registry.EnableAGPSBA: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.EnableAGPFW: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.SoftEDIDs: 1
hw.nvidia.registry.Mobile: 4294967295
hw.nvidia.registry.ResmanDebugLevel: 4294967295
hw.nvidia.registry.FlatPanelMode: 0 GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X 11 AGP

Hope someone can help.

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