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Default Re: Dell 2005FP (20.1" / 16:10) LCD for $559 Today only!!!

Well, the Dell 2005FPW finally arrived last night and I took some time to do some thorough testing with a variety of movies and games.

The screen was very easy to setup and one of the brightest LCD's I've ever seen to date. The monitor stand is very easy to adjust and the package comes with a DVD-D cable which some other mfgr's *cough* Viewsonic *cough* often fail to include.

Widescreen gaming is one of the most incredible experiences a gamer can have on a pc. It truely takes being immersed in an environment to a completly new level. While playing CS:S at times it almost felt as if I were cheating because of how much more of the field was now visible. Widescreen is also more natural since our eyes tend to view the world in landscape rather than 4:3 aspect. One thing that also surprised me was after doing research was the amount of games out that support widescreen format through menu options or edit ini files. The only downside is that a lot of them, especially fps, use 2D menu systems, so even though the 3d environment will look fine, the menu may seem a bit streched. Many will see it as a much worthy sacrifice though.

Watching DVD's on this thing are just icing on the cake. Since the monitor is 16:10 aspect, there will still be two small horizontal bars going across the top & bottom of the screen but now, much more of each scene is visible futher enhancing the viewing experience.

Now for the cons, this one currently has 3 dead pixels in the top left hand corner and although they're barely visible, just knowing they're there bothers me. The issue that can be a showstopper though is backlighting issue. If you search the web you'll find a lot of people have complained to Dell about the problem. The Nov revision models are much more likely to suffer from this problem vs the Dec models. I of course received a Nov revision that has very inconsistent backlighting in the top left and right hand corners. This hurt while watching dvd's or playing games that are relatively dark, aka Doom3. Enlight of this Dell, is overnighting me a replacement that should arrive by tomorrow or Friday.

If you're currently considering this LCD, for now I'd recommend to hold off for a month or two until Dell is rid of the bad batch that is currently on the market. They're apparently also working on an official fix for the problem but we all know that will take a while.

FYI, I'll upload some pics after the new one comes in.
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