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Default Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!

Be careful with which inno3d 5700LE you get though. One of my friends has the same problem as you with having no agp slot so I did a fair amount of research for him...and the one thing I found was that it looked like the Inno3d 5700LE 128MB model had only a 64bit memory bus even though their website doesn't say that. However the more expensive Inno3d 5700LE 256MB model had a 128bit memory bus but it costed more and you really don't need 256MB of memory...but you really don't want to get stuck with the 64bit memory bus that the 128MB model has. There is a 5700LE from Jaton on new egg (the same one Baracade980 got) that for sure has the good 128bit memory bus though and since it only has 128MB of memory then you save some cash...this is the one I recommended my friend to buy. So I would either go with that or the more expensive 256MB model from Inno3d to make sure you have the faster 128bit memory bus. Whatever you end up buying...just make sure you get a card with a 128bit memory bus...that's the moral to this story I guess.
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