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I am shocked to hear that the least. This is a screenie of the first skirmish game I have played in W3. I finished the campaign. Please tell me this is a figment of my imagination. At my current level I beat the AI in 12 minutes. I had done it with other races like Undead. The computer bites off more than it can chew when it tries to level up it's hero. I seen it try beat up a few ogre mages. Sometimes I let the AI get beat up and when it retreats I kill off it's hero and retreating units. Sometimes I ambush the AI while it tries and kill off the Ogre Magi. In the end I kick the AI's ass easy.

On another note. The AI builds 1 barracks. Tis crap. I build 2 barracks and a good amount of farms and just crank out first level units, not wasting resources on other things. Sometimes on upgrades. I attack when I have 10+ footmen or whatever and my lvl 2-3 hero ( I look for easy leveling targets ) and while the AI is at another place leveling up I hit it's base and the AI waits a little before coming for the rescue. By that time I have finished either over half it's base or completely wiped it out. On some occasions it comes quicker but I manage to kill it off anyway. Just keep cranking out footers even when you are sieging the AI.
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