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Default Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!

As far as I know the low profile 5700le from Jaton has the same performance as all the other 5700le pci cards. The core and memory clock speeds are all the same...and it is based around the same nvidia chip. I think the board shape and design is just slightly different Also, I read a lot of good things about that bloody monster pci 5700le on the dell forums (there are a lot of dell people stuck without agp slots...including that friend of mine). The only reason I told my friend to go with the jaton one is because it specifically says it has the 128bit memory bus where the bloody monster one does not say this in its description. However, I do believe the bloody monster one probably does have a 128bit memory bus because everyone who has it seems to say it has great performance...and the agp versions of the same card from bloody monster also for sure have a 128bit memory I would assume the pci version is basically the same...just pci. So I think that you should be able to go with the jaton one or the bloody monster one.

And with respect to your question about how good this card is and if you will want to get rid of it in the near future...well I guess that all depends on what games you are playing and what settings you expect to play those games at. It would also depend on how powerful the rest of the computer is. The 5700LE should be able to play any game out there now even doom...the only thing is that you might have to keep the resolution at 800X600 and bump down the graphics settings some on certain games that are graphic card hungry. So depending on your system and the games you are playing...this might be a good card for you. For brother just has a Pentium 4 1.8GHZ computer with 512MB of memory so it didn't matter if he got a faster graphics card...the rest of the computer would limit him. And he is playing mostly battlefield 1942 and battlefield vietnam which seem to be much more cpu he got a 5700LE AGP card because it was cheap and all he really needed. If you could provide us with the rest of your system specs and what games you are playing or hope to play then maybe myself or some others here could provide you with some more information on whether this card would be a good purchase for you. Obviously if money were no factor then the best option would of course to buy a decent agp or pci-express motherboard and at least a good midrange video card...but money usually is a big factor for all of us of course.
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