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Default Re: installing nvidia driver fedora core 3

in order to install the nvida driver on Fedora Core 3, you will also need to get gcc and gcc++ also. without these two complilers, you will NOT be able to get the driver install to work.

then........after the drivers are installed, the fun begins. do not waste your time trying to get your desktop application 'Display' to make the settings for you. it will not work and you will waste your time.

to edit the xorg.conf file, you need to open terminal and
log in as root: su - at the command prompt and supply your username and password.
after you have successfully logged in, type: gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf at the command prompt to display the file. this opens the file you will need to edit in the text editor. be VERY careful to back up the original locally in the event your settings prevent X from starting. the system automatically does this, but it is still safe to have it backed up. i posted my xorg.conf in an earlier post so you can get some ideas what you need to have in your file. also, comment out (#) any references to 'dri' as you will not need them.

lastly, grab the most recent nvidia driver which is 6629. their drivers support all previous monitors, so the last one will work just fine.

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