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Thanks for all the replies from you guys. I am currently working with Nvidia's tech to resolve this problem. The problems with 3123 and 4191 is that the driver can't detect the built in LCD. The installation is fine and driver loaded correctly, and it does work with externel monitor attached. Right now, as for work around solution I am using 2960 driver. I added to a script to force load the kernel driver

in rc.local
insmod -f Nvdriver

This is for driver 2960 and 3123 on modules.conf
alias char-major-195 Nvdriver
options Nvdriver Nvreg_SoftEDIDs=0 Nvreg_Mobile=1

As for 4191
alias char-major-195 nvidia
options nvidia Nvreg_SoftEDIDs=0 Nvreg_Mobile=1

By the way what version BIOS are you running? I have tried A07 and A03 with 3123 and 4191..They both didn't work.
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