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Default freeze with 2.6.10 and FX5900XT, nvidia driver 6629

Here's the problem :
I let my comp run 24/7, each time , after a few days uptime, my comp freezes
no mouse, no keyboard, no ssh, everything is dead >_<
i've taken a look in my logs, but there's nothing, just iptables messages
running debian sid , 2.6.10 homebuilt kernel with xorg unofficial packages (but it was alsa freezing w/ xfree )
even if i've closed the X (but nvidia module is loaded) , it freezes in the term
atm i'm not sure if it's the nvidia driver, i have tried to let the nv driver for a few days and nothing happened so i assume it's the nvidia driver. (btw , i can't really let nv driver coz X is horribly slow, especially w/ Xorg transparency :'( )
i've tried to install older driver versions but it seems 6111 or not compatible w/ 2.6.10 kernel
if anyone has an idea on how to fix this, i would gratefully accept your help
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