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Default Asus FX5700 twinview dead second monitor

Hi Nvidia,

I am using a custom built linux distribution, the details are

build from linux headers
kernel 2.6.9 and 2.6.10
gcc 3.4.3
glibc snapshot Glibc (20041220)

I am using x-org 6.8.1

my video card is an asus V9570/TD 256 meg
I'm using drivers 1.0-6629 and I have tried older

I have 2 identical Dell FP1901 TFT monitors. The left hand side monitor is connected via a VGA cable, the right is connected via a DVI digial cable

When I startx the right hand DVI connected monitor appears to lag .5 of a second behind the VGA one and fails to sync and drops into powersave mode

this happens 14 times out of 15 starts on average so I have to startx around 15-20 times to get my twinview config to spread onto both screens.

When the second monitor is in powersave mode I can still move the mouse off the first monitor onto the second (although I can't see it) so the system appears to be aware of the second display even though its not powering it on.

I have tried swapping the monitor cables around and the problem always follows the DVI connected device

I've tried difference cables also

the card works %100 under windows using twinview.

I have attatched a zipfile with the xorg.conf, a FAILED x server startup, my kernel config, and the nvidia bug report

Any help or advice on this would be appriciated
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