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Default GeforceFX 5950 won't install??? Is my card broken??

Hey all,

I have a 5900NU 128mb flashed to a 5950U 128mb. I've been running the card with no glitches or errors for more than 1.5 years at speeds of 484mhz (GPU) and 884mhz (RAM). I just did a clean install of windows, and for some reason windows will not let me install the card. When I try to install forceware drivers, it just tells me no compatible card is available. Device manager also indicates the card is "not configured properly." What is going on here? Is my card broken?? Thanks for any help.

Epox 8rda+ rev 1.1
Barton 2600+ @ 11x208 = 2.30ghz @ 1.70v
512mb PC 2700 @ 208mhz (3-4-4-11 @ 2.77v)
PNY GeforceFX 5900NU 128mb --> 5950U @ 484/884
Western Digital 60gb ATA100 HD / Seagate 120gb ATA100 HD
16x CD-RW
500W PSU
WinXP Pro w/ SP2
Idle Temps: 36C (CPU); 28C (Ambient); 37C (GPU)
Load Temps: 43C (CPU); 31C (Ambient); 47C (GPU)
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