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Default Re: Dell 2005FP (20.1" / 16:10) LCD for $559 Today only!!!

The 2nd one arrived yesterday afternoon, Dec rev. When I first tested it, there was very minimial backlight leakage and no dead pixels. Through the course of use over the next several hrs one dead pixel (red on black) about an inch from the right side developed and the backlighting was more visible from the top. The single pixel is only hardly visible when the screen is all black and after some further testing, I've come to realize the backlighting isn't as bad as previously thought. Comparing it directly to that of the VP201s, I was suprised to discover how uneven the backlighting was on it as well. So its something we just have to deal with due to the manufacting process of how they're currently made.

On a side note, played around with the monitor PiP & PBP capabilites and was quite impressed. The signal was fed from my vcr to the composite connector in the back. The controls are extremely easy to configure and I applaud Nvidia's driver team for all the extra tools in the display drv cpl that assist in configuring your LCD for optimal TV viewing and even HDTV support.

For now I'm gonna hang on to it and continue to evaulate closely to make sure no other abnomalities develope with the next 21days. Overall this is a great LCD
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