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Default Re: Dell 2005FP (20.1" / 16:10) LCD for $559 Today only!!!

Originally Posted by Riptide
If you have the proper box marked in the driver it won't scale to fit the screen. So things won't get stretched out. I know there's a box in the Catalyst driver and the NVDA driver for it somewhere.

To me you play games in 1600x1200 w/this monitor (sides will be cut off slightly) and use the native res. in Windows for DVD viewing/web surfing, etc..
You would only do that for very old games, all the newer ones support widescreen format no problem.

It's awesume too, because you have a much larger field of view with this thing. I can see things on the sides that people with standard monitors can't. I have peripheral vision with this thing!

Here take a look at World of Warcraft in 1680x1050, sorry for the bad picture but I had to open up the shutter time and I don't have the most steady hands.

You'll notice stuff off to the right, that is my other old flat panel (in portrait mode) that I have Rivatuner loaded up watching my 6800GT's tempature. There is nothing cooler than running dual heads! It's awesume running a game and then email, stats, or a movie in your other monitor at the same time!

Friggin rocks!
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