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Default Re: Dell 2005FP (20.1" / 16:10) LCD for $559 Today only!!!

Originally Posted by Riptide
Damn those coupon codes for expiring. My 2001FP is a real nice display for the $$$. But after seeing wide screen CS:S I'm sold. I want one now. Having that extra field of view is a nice thing in a game like that where things often happen very quickly.

I'm going to wait until they have another sale though and just save up for it.
I know what you mean, I just pinged the wifey about them only being $549 and she gave me the OK to buy another one for the bedroom!

That's how nice they are, it got the get the second one so I can enjoy it OK!

Anyways, I promptly carried by butt upstairs and went to Dell's site to order a second one and the damn coupon expired....

Sigh... Guess it wasn't meant to be, but if anyone has another code, PM me and I'll test fate once again!
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