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Default Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!

typically you either hit the "delete" key or the F2 key at a certain point when the computer is first booting up...I don't think it is the F8 key...because that is the key that you hit at another certain point that will allow you to boot windows into safe mode. Your computer manual might say what key to hit for sure...Or you can just keep pressing either the F2 key or the Delete key every second while the computer is booting up to see which one takes you into bios. Many times there will be a quick note on the screen that says something like "press F2 to enter setup" or something like that. You might have to check your computer manual to figure this one out if what I said doesn't work. And when you get into the bios be careful not to change anything else that you don't know about because its easy to mess things up in there. I'm fairly certain there has to be an option to disable the onboard video though...its just a good idea to make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you get the new card. And of course don't actually disable the onboard video until you get the new card because you might not be able to see anything on the screen if you don't have the new card. Hope this all helps.
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