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Default Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!

hmm, I think that you are right and the AGP aperature size might be referring to your integrated card...but I'm not 100% positive...I thought they only gave you this setting in bios if you had an AGP slot but maybe I'm wrong. You are 100% sure you don't have an agp slot, correct?

And I also think that the setting that says: "Primary Video Adapter PCI" is the setting that will allow the motherboard to use the new pci card as the primary card...but this means that the integrated one might technically still be enabled...just not you might still have to disable it in the windows device manager (this is exactly what my friend with the dell had to do because his bios gave him the same option and only let you pick a primary video adapter).

And I'm not exactly sure what that "framebuffer size 8MB" option is it an option you can change? might be for the integrated graphics card.
Edit: I think this option has to be for the integrated graphics card actually, so it probably won't mean anything once you install the new card.

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