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Default Blizzard, Worse login server for a mmorpg I have ever seen.

This is getting really, really tiresome. Surely Blizzard can do better than this. They may have created a wonderful, and balanced, and generally bug free MMORPG, But their servers are a joke. Sadly I play on a server where load is medium. Not even high, So I cant even imagine what it's like for people with High Load.


#1, Auction House, Sometimes it takes 5 to 10 minutes to recycle/refresh bids/auctions in the Auction House. You can sit there waiting for 5-10 minutes just do something as trivial as browsing items.

#2. Selling/Buying. Sometimes it will take at least 1 to 2 minutes just to sell an item I have right clicked to a merchent. Something that I should go through in roughly 20 seconds, Takes over 3-5 minutes. And for what purpose? The client is waiting for the damn server to update.

#3. Looting, This is not as much of a problem. But rarely looting a corpse will lag out for over 30 seconds. Which is absolutely obsurd.

#4. And most important. Blizzards Login server. It's a complete joke. Whoever put it together should be fired. Theres absolutely no reason for your login server to constantly load and not allow people to login for hours at a time. This is a common occurance. Half the time. I'm afraid to log out of the game because I fear I cant get back in for several hours.

The grass is always greener people. SoE may have a bug ridden piece of software with stuttering and massive memory leak that drags high end system to their knees. But hey. Their servers work.

On a related note, I am getting really fed up with the way companies like Blizzard/Sony are handling these issues. And they are really starting to dismay me. These companies claim they care about customer satisfaction. But how can they given these obsurd problems within both games? Playing a game shouldnt be a headache. And half the time. It's becoming one in both bloody games.
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