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Ok man... seeing as it looks as if you're goin to get the same card I did (Jaton 5700le low-profile) I thought I'd say a bit about proformance and give a little previews of it.

Heres a few screens of Half-Life 2 (one of the best damn games ever) which is one of the most popular and graphics intense today:

That first one just shows expansiveness you'll get... if I got one that looked more at the water, you'd see some sweet effects.

More expansiveness and detail. (BTW- I uped the settings from the last one)

The last level of HL2. This one shows some reflections, glassy stuff, the sky, and some other stuff. Again, if I had a picture of water or something metal, it'd look so sweet you might just cry (can you tell I love this game?). One issue with graphics in this game though... as I've heard many a time, FX cards seem to have difficulty with the water reflections, I had to tone my settings down on one level to get though with a good frame rate. Usually though, all my settings are on High, Trilinear, and 1024*768. Runs smooth almost all the time. A plesant suprise to me being that on this board I was told, and I quote: "There is no PCI card out there that will be able to run games like HL2... it just isn't possible." Glad to prove that post wrong!

And now for another kick butt game... Halo for PC.

This first picture is one that literally put me out of my seat the first time I played it. Let me tell you the story... I wanted Halo for PC (being that I don't have a fancy X-Box) but I only had Intel Integrated graphics on my MB. I had the demo of this level and it looked like a POS... literally like someone took a big one on the game and called it "graphics." I never played the X-Box version but I tried my demo with the new card and I was out of my seat. Water, particles, shadowing, metals, EVERYTHING blew me away. I tell my friends I wish I had before and after photos... it was THAT extreme.

Picture of a banshee... nice wide open space... plays like butter, smooth and fattening.

Usually I run Halo with everything on (except "specular" which I didn't notice when 'on' anyways) and at a res of 800*600... framerate at a constant 30+/sec. I haven't had any trouble graphics wise there. I run at a lower res to ensure I get a constant frame rate all the time.

Some other games...

Call of Duty: runs great... has trouble with fire though (same in HL2 too). Everything high, 1024*768.

Red Faction (whaa! I know its old): only one thing to say, smooth as a baby's butt. Everything high. 1024*768.

Sim City 3K Unlimited (ok, I have a soft spot for sims): Everything on... yep, high at the usual res.

So there you go! Got anymore questions about the card and how it runs, give me a PM! For now, I'm gonna hit the sack and wish you all a happy new year.
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