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Default Re: MDK10 - Asus 6800 Ultra - 6629 drivers - no games work

I'm a gal with the same problems, but here's my solution:

I just got my Asus v9999 6800 Ultra Deluxe December 29.
-It freezes (froze) during Doom3's transition from the load screen to the game.
-There are (were) colored scanlines visible for certain 2D overlay water textures in Prince of Persia: WW.
-I downloaded rivatuner, changed the 2D clockspeed to match the 3D clock speed.

This worked for me without needing to flash my Bios.

I'm running the card on a 2-year-old machine.
Only a P4 2.4 and 512 Mb of ram.
I did upgrade the power supply to 500W

My last card was a Geforce 4 MX - it was like shock therapy switching to the 6800 Ultra. I am still speechless...
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