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Default Re: Need help/advice on GeForce FX 5200 128MB AGP

Your right about the memory part... anyone with winxp should start out with at least 512mb regardless of version but 256mb will suffice if thats all a person can afford. As for the fx5200 card, its actually not bad a budget card for your daughters system, its just too bad the majority have 64bit memory, having 128bit memory makes a world a difference. Im not sure about RCT3, the VC requirements should be listed on the game box but some people have been known to play UT2004 and Halo action games with this card so im sure it'll handle rct3 w/o any problems.

Ps- Heres an ASUS 5200/128mb_128bit 4x/8x agp card, albeit its about $76 shipped... Neweeg\V9520-TD
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