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Default Re: MX4000 3Dmark2003 scored 303?

Originally Posted by sohcguy
A friend's computer scored a 303 in 3Dmark2003 witha MX4000, 512 megs of ram, 1.3? GHZ athlon. Is this about right?
That score is about right for a dx7 video card which can only run the first game test. I found a review you might like to read which features an xfx mx4000 vs gainward geforce4 mx440 vs elsa geforce2 mx400. The geforce4 mx440 wipes the floor with both of them but the mx4000 and geforce2 mx400 are about equal. When you consider that the mx4000 is the old geforce4 mx440 you can clearly see the performance hit caused by the 64bit memory.

I was going to say how poor the performance is and then I noticed that the xfx mx4000 only costs about 20 which is a bargain!

XFX Geforce MX4000 review
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