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I think you best option would be to upgrade your kernel. Kernel 2.4.18-3 doesn't get along too well with nvidia's drivers. It's not very difficult with RedHat's rpms.

You will need, AT LEAST, one of these (just one):

Intel (one processor)

AMD (one processor)

If you have two or more processors and/or a LOT of ram, let me know.

It would be convenient to upgrade or install the following as well:

Type the usual, as root:

rpm -Uvh kernel.blah.blah.blah.rpm

Reboot (one of the few occasions linux has to). After that, you will be tossed to text mode. Login as root and install the nvidia drivers. (I suppose you already know the drill with XF86Config-4).

Since you're comfortable with src rpms, why not give the tar balls a chance? The release notes will take you step by step into the installation procedure.
Don't forget to install the drivers in text mode (X must NOT be running)!!!
Use the source, Tux.
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