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RH uses the 'nv' driver by defualt, but it only displays in 2D. So, yes you will upgrade you display by installing a new set of drivers (nvidia's official).

Generally speaking, there are three methods:

Pros: Easy, fast.
Cons: You must find the exact version for your system (a lot of people find it difficult to choose appropiately). Only works with RPM based distros (Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSe).

Source RPM:
Pros: Works with any kernel configuration. Your drivers are tailored to fit your configuration.
Cons: Only works with RPM base distros. Takes a few more steps to install. You may need to install additional packages to rebuild the drivers successfully.

TAR files:
Pros: Works with any distro, regardless of your kernel configuration (great for beta testers and Debian gurus).
Cons: You need the kernel-source and the 'make' libraries (and some other libraries to install those in the first place).
Another Pro: Learning how to install by TAR files is very useful, since it's a universal install tool.
Use the source, Tux.
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