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First things first
Download the release notes. You won't get far without them:

Get familiar with the installation instructions. Remember that no matter which procedure you choose, you will have to edit the XF86Config-4 file (say what?)
That file is found under /etc/X11/
You may edit it after installing the drivers (but you won't have the graphic environment) or you can edit it before installing the drivers (using gedit).

To lauch gedit, open a console and type:
(I know it looks dumb)
You will have a notepad-like application, so it mustn't be difficult to navigate the directory tree.

Please, practice using gedit before attempting the XF86Config-4 modification.

Once you select you preferred installation procedure, and reading the release notes, let us know so we may give you further advice.

(I really wish someone had the patience to teach me these things when I was a newbie, in case someone else is wondering).
Use the source, Tux.
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