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Cool 3dmark03 score probs

Score = 3,008 (with no tweaking)

P4 3.0Ghz 1mb L2 cache (water cooled but not overclocked)
2x 256mb ram (rubbish)
Nvidia geforce FX5700 OC as standard off shelf (also water cooled)
Mobo= DFI lanparty PRO875 rev. B

I think I am allready in need of memory upgades but how can i break
10,000 have i got the kit???

P.s. please go easy on my card cus I just bought it!!!
(hope its not crap )
System Specs:
Intel P4 3ghz | Lanparty PRO875B | Geforce 6600GT | Creative SB Live | 2x256mb daul channel | Chrome Hiper Type R Psu (480w) | Maxtor 40gb HD | Sony DVD-RW | Zalman Reserator 1 (water colling) | Lian-Li PC65B

---> Click Here For Pics <---

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