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Default New Western Digital drive performance

Last week I picked up one of the 80Gb Western Digital WD800JB's from OCUK, on this week only. I installed it into the system in my sig as "master with slave present" on IDE2, with the Plextor CDRW as slave. One FDISK later, and my new drive is ready for data. My intention is to use the WD as my main drive, relegating the IBM 60GXP to a data drive.

All OK so far. I bought this drive because everyone (OCUK, Storage review, EXHardware) raves about the performace. So I ran the Sandra 2002 file system benchmark, and was disappointed to see only 24000 - bearing in mind that this review got over 31000. At that, I had other things to do so left it until last night. Fired up the machine, ran the same benchmark - results now 32316, in line with the above review figures. Rebooted, same again. Fab, working now.

So - I kicked off a Drive Image 4.0 disk to disk copy, left it running overnight. This morning, benched the WD again, now with data on it - 24000 again. Rebooted, same.

Why? Is this a duff drive / cable? All my drives are connected using OCUK round 90cm ATA-100 cables. The IBM benches at around 23000 all the time. I know Sandra is a "synthetic" benchmark, but this is quite a margin of difference.

Checkdisk says the drive is OK, and my BIOS and windows say it's fine. Is there a driver for this drive, as it's got a huge 8Mb buffer? All I got (and expected) was the drive in bubble wrap.

Any advice or ideas would be welcome, as that performance hike is pretty good...

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