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Default Re: 5200 Go with 64 Megs Vs 5650 Go w 128 Megs

A quick follow up to my last post.... i know that neither of them are the best options for gaming and to be honest I'm not all that concerned about the $180 dollar cost. The main issue to me would be, is the 5650 going to be better at DX9 and DX8 apps than the 5200? Looking at the specs of the chips im not really sure what the difference is between them.

I was curious if anyone might know of any benchmarks on the 5200 Go vs. 5650 Go etc. I've done a google search and don't seem to come up with too much. All the benchmarks on the Inspiron 8600 though are done with the 5650, and some reviewers seem to think its a fairly good mobile chip.
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