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Default Re: Tarball unzipped. How do I install now?????????

ok, i finally figured a few things out. when you install the 'Desktop' FC3 installation, it basically leaves out most of what you need in order to do the server and application installs.

what i did is went ahead and 'maxed' the FC3 install out with the server options at the bottom of the Add/Remove Applications menu. the system didn't want to install some of those, so i went from the top and worked my way down. yes, i had good md5sums on all 4 discs in case you're wondering.

then, i went back and re-installed Nvu again and this time it worked! so, good to go now.

now...the next chapter is enabling printers on a local network where the dhcp is the router. whew! then, on to setting up ftp for downloads. will i ever make it?

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