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Cool Re: Semen on Geforce 6 6800 Ultra!

Originally Posted by MamoVaka

Umm.. awkward and hypothetical question here, what if... how do I phrase this.. Lets say a "friend" of mine was "pleasuring himself" in the middle of working on upgrading his PC, with the card on the table, he made a "mess" of the card. After the reinstall, the card no longer works, while it was working perfectly before, my "friend" is curious what kind of damage would seminary fluid do to the GPU in question? It was all over the card and on the fan, is it possible the fan itself sucked the fluid into the main GPU and short circuited it? Remember before this card was working 100% and my "friend" observed nothing else out of the ordinary besides the semen.

Advice? can my "friend" return this card? warranty? anything "he" can do to repair it?

You to huh !

I remember my first install. oh the mess I made...
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