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Default Re: Blizzard, Worse login server for a mmorpg I have ever seen.

Originally Posted by vampireuk
Until you hit the 2 hour mark and realise the game is boring as hell and has no rewards whatsoever.

I think the only reason guildwars is going to be so popular is because it's free, I mean the damn thing sucks and is boring as hell but it costs nothing to play right
I had about 5 mins taste in the e3 event (found out too late), over 40-50 hours on the first beta event, much less on the second event since it started for aust on saturday 7pm, but i managed to play 30-35 hours on that, on the next event however i managed to play alot more 50ish since it started early to help the australian users..i predict the samething for the comming event in this weekend.

Btw i am not remotely bored of this game still.

However when i played WoW, after 3-4 hours of just playing for the hell of playing thinking omg i might get another non fed ex mission...finally when i get lvl 21 and it gave me another stupid quest i just uninstalled it, that was the first 1 week event for public, next event igave another shot, game hasen't changed one bit, still lame graphics, long download, massive long install, and after getting lvl 14 and completely fed up of the same quests i just quit.

With all the realm problems this game has and the ques it has and no way to transfer characters from realm to realm makes this game completely unplayable. Just imagine you got lvl 55, and you want to play, a que pops up and says ure 1000th in que, wait 30-40 mins and ure in and to find out the stupid server just lags you out and have to wait in another bloody long que...since you cant transfer your character if you wanna play and you want the same class/race then you have to replay all those boring quests all over again.

Btw this game had the same issues back during beta and nothing has changed, other than the fact that people are paying for a service like this. I rather use the total money that is spend on WoW in a year to get some PS2 games or Xbox or just PC games or something that is actually worth paying for.


WoW = World of Walking

Most boring game, and i cant beleave gamespot gave game of the year for such a ****ty game, with poor graphics that even in high quality looks like something came out of someones hairy ***, lag issues, ques.

The only reason i think this game had people buying was because of the previous success of blizzards games and the name it self, which ironically are the same people who are making Guild Wars, whats even more sad is Jeff was actually leading WoW before he quit, he was in no mood to make a Warcraft 3 3D, which is why this game lacks that zeal, that addiction games like Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft have..this is probably why i am soo hooked up on Guild Wars, they listen to you, they make the game in away that its fun and has some skill in it, and not grinding.

Personally i think Guild Wars having 8 skill slots was brilliant, its like CS where you pick your guns, your hand and your rifle or smg, it opens you up for strategy.

Also this game is a MMORPG weather you like it or not, it may not be a clone of other MMORPG out there, but its a subclass to it, and this is the way its meant to be.

You may think i am a fan boi or something, but i was more looking forward to WoW than GW till i played the beta event that WoW had, i was just dissapointed, your like a zombie playing a FedEx missions and who can grind the most..its just boring and really lame quests at the start. In Guild Wars from the start to the end its fun, your not doing some stupid boring Fed Ex missions from the start.

Plus there servers are far more stable.

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