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Default Please help - new drivers don't do 800X600

Hi all,

Really hoping someone may know what to do to sort this one...

Basically, after installing the laters detonators from the Nvidia site (version 66.93) I found a problem with 800 X 600 resolution after trying to play a game.
I tested DirectX and tests ran in that resolution were bad also.

If I set my resolution in Windows to 800 X 600 the screen goes all messy with jagged horizontal lines. I don't recall having this issue with earlier drivers and I tested without the latest drivers (basic Windows display drivers) and it worked on 800 X 600 fine (so both monitor and card are capable of this...)

I can only assume it is a bug in the latest drivers...

I was hoping there may be a setting I could try to fix this instead of having to roll back to older drivers...

My machine spec is as follows:

AMD K7VT2 motherboard (VIA chipset) with Athlon 2.2GHz
PNY Nvidia GeForce 4 MX 440 SE
Acer AL1511 Monitor (15" LCD 55-75Hz)
Windows XP SP1
DirectX 9.0c

Any ideas anyone on this one???

Many thanks in advance for any replies...
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