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Default Re: Dell 2005FP (20.1" / 16:10) LCD for $559 Today only!!!

Originally Posted by Riptide

So JuiceZ what do you think of it now that you've had it for a few days? Is it a real step up over the viewsonic and worth the extra bones?

Not all games support wide screen format, is that correct? Have you run into any yet that wouldn't cooperate?
I absolutely love it man. Just spent a better part of the weekend watching bowl games on it through the composite connection & line in sound to the S700's

Personally I've only tested HL2, CS:S & UT2k4 but a majority of the popular fps today support the widescreen aspect either via a menu option or minor edit to a config file. ID recently officially gave Doom3 support in its latest patch. Like I said in the previous post, really the only annoyance you might run into are partially stretched menu, since they're normally just 2d images. One thing I cannot stress enough though is once you've played a game like HL2 or CS:S in widescreen, you'll never wanna play in 4:3 again. Widescreen is naturally how our eyes see the world so playing a game in that aspect gives you the illusion of being more immersed in the world. One argument that supports this monitor over even some of the greater beast such as HP 23" or Apple Cinema 23", 30" displays is game performance at native resolution. The fps avg at 1680*1050 is technically the same as 16*12 where as with a larger monitor, you'd almost need an SLI setup to get descent fps with all the eye candy enabled at typical native res of 19*12.

One thing that I see asked a lot is how do you play games that only run support 4:3. The monitor itself has options within the panel that allow to set the image settings to: 1:1, aspect, or fill. Lately I've been using the 'aspect' setting which, say in the case of watching normal tv, will place two small black vertical bars on either side of the screen preserving the original aspect ratio. Same thing goes for older games.

In comparing it to the VP201s, when it first arrived I couldn't get over how vertically "short" it was and even went to the length of measuring it side-by-side using a tape measure to confirm its 20.1" spec, which of course was accurate. Next I tested dvd playback using "clone" mode in the display cpl to determine how much of each movie scene was more or less visible between the 4:3 & 16:10 aspects. To my shock, the difference is really hardly visible during normal playback speed and its only when the playback is slowed down that you notice the additional details of each scene on both sides.

Overall, IMHO its still definitely a step up from the Viewsonic VP201s being sharper, brighter, support s-video, composite and cheaper (w/ coupons). The primary rule of thumb with LCDs is always to make sure you calibrate your display. The nvidia cpl has a display optimization wizard that if done correctly, does wonders for color balance, brightness and contrast.
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