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Default Nvidia Nforce3 chipset/Red Hat WS

I'm having problem running Red Hat WS v.3 with Nvidia Nforce3 chipset.
Problem is with the NIC Card (on board or linksys) Red Hat see and install the NIC's but will not assign an IRQ. Red Hat support team says it is the Chip Set... the BIOS that will not assign the IRQ.
I have used/tried both BIOS rev. F11 and F12, nether one over them will work.
One thing Red Hat wanted me to check on in the BIOS is, if the PnP was turn on or off. With both BIOS installed I can't find the PnP option??
Red Hat told me to contact the vendor for assistance with using or installing their drivers.

Mother Board = GigaByte K8N Pro with chip set 150

Help Please!!
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