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Default Re: Blizzard, Worse login server for a mmorpg I have ever seen.

So let me get this straight. Blizzard is charging a monthly fee for their network service and they haven't managed to improve the thing?

I have had more then a few problems with in the years I had Diablo II. I had accounts on both US West and US East realms, lots of downages, games got deleted when chars were still in them...caused probs with chars "char not found" error messages when one tried to reload a char that got dumped in this manner (chars stored on server of course), lots of lag problems, etc...

There were all kinds of complaints on their forums, but to each message peeps were like "why complain, you don't pay a monthly fee, you whiners". Peeps replied "I did buy a CD".

Now many of those probs are gone in Diablo II, except it's bot galore with bots that whisper spam-vertized websites in games (to buy duped/hacked items for real cash, cheats, programs to hack the game, etc) and for everyone squelched...there's like a million spam bots on there, and another 5 can be there to take it's place.

So, no monthly fee was about the only reason they had to hold off peeps complaints of probs. And yet now, they charge a monthly fee and the network there is still like this?

That be the case, I could stick to EQ or what not for a subscribers fee...
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