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Default Re: MDK10 - Asus 6800 Ultra - 6629 drivers - no games work

Check the bios version of your 6800. Esp. if it is a 6800 Ultra.

I had to go through three bios revision before everything worked fine. Now that it does I'm very happy, and the graphics performance is stunning - both for work and for games.

I run doom3 on a 6800 Ultra (Mandrake 10.0) - just fine. I had pausing problems, lockups and hangs until the bios was updated. I'm running what the "Nvidia Bios forum" calls the revision 3 bios.

Also, be sure that your card is not overclocked - it should be set to 400MHz for 2d and 400MHz for 3D (if its an ultra). Several suppliers tried to overclock their cards - at anything above 408MHz I notice subtle drawing problems.
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