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Default Re: Blizzard, Worse login server for a mmorpg I have ever seen.

Originally Posted by Son Goku
So let me get this straight. Blizzard is charging a monthly fee for their network service and they haven't managed to improve the thing?
Well, it honestly isn't in that bad a state. These problems, while annoying, do not happen frequently enough to seriously affect gameplay.
Originally Posted by Elderblaze
Some poeple might be to stupid to open the right ports or use upload limiters though.
Using upload limiting in turn limits your download rate. Not to mention it defeats the entire purpose of Bittorrent.
Originally Posted by Elderblaze
oh yeah magus, im gonna let it fully saturate my upload bandwidth to 50 KB a sec that way there's nothing left for regular download comunication and my Download slows to 10kb a sec makes alot of sense bud. (Yes this can, and does happen with bit-torrent technology, it will FULLY SATURATE upload bandwidth and leave absolutely nothing for overhead communication needed to download things)

if im feeling generous i'll up the transfer rate to 40kb and let it sit for 10 minutes when it's done transfering. (It still uploads)
Well isn't that kind of you. 10 whole minutes huh? As egbtmagus said, that's why Bittorrent is no good. Also consider the fact that some of us cannot recieve a lot of incoming connections due to location/network conditions even with a broadband connection. I very rarely get higher than 20-40kbps on my torrents, unless they're well seeded. It doesn't help when greedy leechers saturate the network and slow upload rates.
Originally Posted by Elderblaze
From a business standpoint their method of patching is very smart, bandwidth is not free you know.
It's true, bandwidth isn't free. You think they could afford to add a patch server, however, with the millions of dollars they started recieving as of the end of December instead of cutting corners and making the patch process take over twice as long.
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