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Default Re: Blizzard, Worse login server for a mmorpg I have ever seen.

Originally Posted by Elderblaze
oh yeah magus, im gonna let it fully saturate my upload bandwidth to 50 KB a sec that way there's nothing left for regular download comunication and my Download slows to 10kb a sec makes alot of sense bud. (Yes this can, and does happen with bit-torrent technology, it will FULLY SATURATE upload bandwidth and leave absolutely nothing for overhead communication needed to download things)

if im feeling generous i'll up the transfer rate to 40kb and let it sit for 10 minutes when it's done transfering. (It still uploads)

From a business standpoint their method of patching is very smart, bandwidth is not free you know. I know you've had issues with EQ2 and stuttering you said so when you first got the game, you said you resoloved them as well. Which i find highly unlikely as I honestly don't beleive EQ2 can run properly on 6800 Hardware. IF you really want to prove it to me post a vidcap of you runing thru freeport.


First capturing a video would not show the performance I get since I would loose ALOT of it during the capture. Second, I never stated I had any stuttering because I never did. The only issue I have had with EQ2 was random crashing and my shadow option turning off, both I believe are to be caused by nvidia drivers since when I was on a Radeon 9800pro neither problem arose.

Thier method of patching is cheap and shows how little they are willing to invest in the game. Sony pays for thier bandwidth to make sure everyone gets the patches and downloads at a quick and realiable pace. Never have I gotten a curropt file while downloading a patch from SOE (Counting my 4 years of EQ, acouple months of SWG and PS).

I know I don't run EQ2 at 60FPS and I don't except it to ever but I run it at a playable rate at above High Settings. Im more then Happy with my Performance in the game. Just wish my Financial status in the game was better...
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