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Default Re: 5200 Go with 64 Megs Vs 5650 Go w 128 Megs

Originally Posted by ricercar
Go for the upgrade. Two reasons:

5200 is NV34M and the 5650 is a NV31M refresh. The original 31M gives better performance than NV34M for power, for quality, and for pure bandwidth. The NV31M 5650 refresh is even better yet. I'm familiar with the raw specs; I wrote the NV18M/31M/34M/36M mobile design guides at NVIDIA in 2003.

Maximizing the a laptop at purchase is ALWAYS worth it; you can't change your mind later.
I hear ya there ricercar, and to be honest I tend to agree with you. If i feel the Latop is sluggish graphically now, it will feel much more so a year from now, or two etc. Since I am intending on keeping it for at least 3 years I may as well maximize my purchase with it now. Thanks for the input.
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