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Smile OpenGL Screensavers


I just ran into the same problem with the screensavers. When you installed the drivers, there is a possibility that you had installed MESA earlier on, and some of the libs may conflict with calls to the NVIDIA libs, or this is what I had been lead to believe. The fix is to re-install just the GLX portion of the drivers again to fix the problem. Did you use the tarball or the RPM files? The tarball installation method worked for me, but the RPM files did not install properly under MDK8.2.

After you reinstall the GLX portion of the drivers, the problem will resolve, as the second installation should finish renaming and installing the files so such a problem should not recur. If the RPM file won't do the trick, you may find the tarball install the best method, as it will overwrite any older version drivers, and replace them. Good luck. BTW, you never did mention which version of Linux you are currently running.
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