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Default 5900 ultra 256 not scoring right numbers HELP plz!

Hi, i have a nvidia 5900 256 ultra and i tested my card in 3d mark05 today all day.

After first test, I set my graphic card to high proformace over qulitiy, tryed omega drivers, (ranked worse than official nvidia driver 66.93) ..So i tryed tweaking with settings again... And i still get a low score of 1268 (with official 66.93) rather than latest omega driver.

Than i downloaded coolbit2.reg and i over clocked my to core to 500mhz and memory to 900mhz. I tested it in 3d mark and it only went up to 1369. I can overclock my core lots more if i wanted to and 1.02g for memory if i wanted to but i dont want to take that risk.

Why is my card scoring so low? I just reformated, i only have 17 proccing background programs running. I have NO FIREWALLS. nothing.

I tryed tweaking and still, a 9500 pro beats my score. People tell me i should get a score of 4,000 or 3,000 for sure with that good of a video card. So i am wondering why its doing that to me. Please let me know thanks.

ps. i updated my 3dmark to 1.1 version already. and my windows is all up to date. I have no virus's nothing. Please help, thanks.
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